Anurag Kashyap shared a throwback video on Twitter, the filmmaker himself revealing how a child was molested as a child.

A month ago

After accusing Anurag of harassment, Kangana later attacked him and said that he could do it.

  • Kangana attacked a Bollywood gang by sharing an affectionate video
  • Anurag used to consider himself – he used to molest a small child in his childhood.

Actress Kangana Ranaut recently attacked an Bollywood gang by sharing an old video of actress Anurag Kashyap on social media. In this video Anurag describes how he molested a child when he was young. However, he said he did not understand it at the time. According to Kangana, the Bollywood team similarly wanted to answer her question by hitting another.

Sharing this video, Kangana writes, ‘I was talking about a sensitive vulture / suicide-inciting gang that Sushant Singh killed a Rajput and tried to incite me to kill me. Many ask why they do that to others. So listen to the affection, he says how he used to molest a child. They are the same people who hurt and they think hurting others is the answer.

In the video, Kangana tweeted that Anurag was seen telling an anecdote of her childhood during an interview. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Anurag said – I slapped him

In the video Anurag says, ‘When I was younger I always had a kind of rage that no matter what my seniors do to me, I will do everything with my juniors. And we had a little kid in school when I became a senior. That’s what I started to do with him. I took him to the corner, slapped him, then hugged him and I started crying with him and told him you don’t understand, I told him I love you. “

‘Children write letters inviting parents’

He added, ‘That child was different from me. Because he was very confused about what I was doing to him. Within a month or so, he wrote a letter to his parents. His parents came to the school and then stood outside my class and shouted at the boy saying you did with our child did they were fighting. I was very ashamed of myself, I was also very angry. They started dragging me in front of the principal. They asked me what are you doing? So I said I love the boy. I don’t know what to say. ‘

‘I didn’t know about child abuse then’

Anurag said, ‘All this was normal for me. Because at that age no one explained anything to me. I grew up with all these things. I thought it was happening to me right now, I would have to treat others the same way when I got there later. ‘According to Anurag,‘ I didn’t know then that what I was doing was ‘abusive’. I found out about this term much later. At that time no one was talking about these. ‘

Payal Ghosh has complained of harassment

Recently, actress Payal Ghosh accused Anurag of sexual harassment. Payal says that 2014-1. In the year when he went to Anurag to ask for a job, he tried to force the relationship with me on himself. However, Anurag has termed Payal’s allegations as completely baseless. An FIR has been lodged with the Bikroli police station in Mumbai against the actress in the case.


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