Anurag Kashyap had been gathering evidence of innocence for a month in preparation for legal action against Pawel.

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Payal Ghosh had filed a sexual harassment complaint against Anurag Kashyap a month ago. After all this time, Anurag Kashyap is in the mood for inter-border war. Anurag took time to fully strengthen his side before going to court. Now it is reported that he is going to take legal action. Payal Ghosh’s troubles may escalate when they lack strong evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Anurag is worried about the family
According to sources, Anurag is worried about his own family. These allegations have hurt his family. Anurag says that this is a question asked by him. These allegations call into question everything he has been doing all his life. Affection cannot ruin his reputation just by telling a lie. They will fight until justice is done.

Anurag collected evidence of innocence
According to Anurag’s close friend, Anurag became completely devoted to his work when he calmed down. In such a situation, they are gathering strong evidence without arguing for innocence and they have succeeded. We can only hope that Pawel has enough evidence to substantiate his allegations.

Richa had to apologize
Talking about Payal Ghosh’s allegations, he also mentioned Richa Chadha’s name in the case, but he had to apologize after Richa filed a defamation suit. Pawel recently joined Union Minister Ramdas Atwal’s party RPI, where she has been made vice-president of the women’s wing. Notably, Pawel alleged that the Mumbai police interrogated him for about 24 hours.

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