Annoyed by the troll, Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has threatened to post after frustration

Ira Khan (Photo credit – Khan.Ira / Instagram)

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  • Latest version:October 17, 2020, 12:15 AM IST

Mumbai Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is very active on social media. Ira may not have set foot in Bollywood, but her fan following is no less than a star. At the same time, Ira also shares interesting posts on social media to stay connected with these fans. However, many times the IRA has been the victim of trolling because of this social media. Recently, through one of his posts, IRA trolls gave a decent answer to those people. He also publicly threatened the trolls.

In fact, in the past Ira Khan Posted a post about dealing with frustration. In this post, he inspired people to talk about mental health. At the same time, in this post, he received a lot of praise for Ira’s move. But many tried to troll the IRA through hateful comments. At the same time, Ira has now given a suitable answer. Ira posted the story on her Instagram account, writing: ‘For the mental health post: If you are disgusting and disrespectful even once, I will delete your comment. I will restrict your access to my posts.

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Posted by Ira Khan (Photo Credit – @Khan.Ira / Instagram)

He also put a poll on this post. Let me tell you that Ira wrote while posting on frustration – ‘I have been frustrated for almost 4 years. I was clinically frustrated I also went to the doctor for it. Now that I’m better than before for the last 1 year, I wanted to do something about mental health, but I knew what to do. So I thought I’d take you on my journey and see what happens. I hope we can better understand ourselves and better understand mental health.


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