Annoyed by the monotony of growing a beard, the 70-year-old Rafi sang, “I am a child.

A month ago

Bollywood’s Himan Dharmendra has a strange look. Sharing a video on Twitter, he said he had a strange feeling last night. Then he sang a song to Rafi, that night he fell asleep. Dharmendra often took a photo or video in absolutely ready mode, but this time the effect of his age was evident on his face.

He wrote in the post – This song was my favorite in my college days. I want to hear that if you all don’t like it, delete it.

After that, he shared another video in which he wrote – Bach Ho Gaon Hoon Friends. This toy throws my heart. Then I hesitate. If you don’t like it .. the special feature of this video was that Dharmendra himself was singing.

Songs from the 70-year-old film Night Queen

The song that Dharmendra is listening to is directed by Hansraj Bahal from the 1949 film Raat Ki Rani’s Is. Mohammad Rafi gave the voice. Dharmendra said that this song was his favorite during his college days. The film stars Munawar Sultana, Jagdish Sethi, Madan Puri and Chaman Puri.


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