Anju turned5 years old: Rajesh Khanna used to spend his life on Anju Mahendra while living in a live-in bungalow but the actress refused to get married

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19 days ago

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Bollywood and TV actress Anju Mahendra has turned 75 years old. Born in Mumbai on January 11, 1948, Anju has worked in many films and television shows but she is in the headlines because of her personal life rather than her professional life. Anjur’s most famous affair was with superstar Rajesh Khanna. The two had a relationship for about 7 years but they broke up.

So the broken relationship …

It was 1966. Raju Khanna Anju Anju became an actress. The two met, which soon turned into love. Anju used to trust Rajesh Khanna as a devoted girlfriend. At the same time, Rajesh Khanna also gave him life and left no stone unturned to snatch his earnings. He also bought Anju a luxurious bungalow.

Rajesh Khanna was serious about his relationship with Anju. After living in a live-in for many years, Kaka proposed marriage to Anju in 1971. Anjur Mao regularly pressured his daughter to marry Rajesh Khanna but she refused.

Anjur’s repeated denial angers Rajesh Khanna. In the meantime, Anju’s name was associated with West Indies cricketer Gary Sobers. Rajesh Khanna doesn’t like it and in 1972 he broke up with Anju.

Rajesh Khanna was positive

In an interview after the breakup, Anju called Rajesh Khanna a conservative person. He said confusion was part of their relationship. If she was wearing a skirt, Rajesh Khanna would not like it and if she wore a sari, she would still say what the look of an Indian woman is.

Anju further said that Rajesh Khanna does not want to let her work. Due to which she had to give up a lot of modeling work while paying double. Besides, he had to give up many films because Rajesh Khanna does not want to let many producers and directors get fired from him.

Rajesh Khanna married Dimple in 1973

Rajesh Khanna married 15-year-old Dimple Kapadia a year after the breakup with Anju Rajesh Khanna is said to have been so angry with Anju that during his marriage he deliberately took a procession from the front of Anju’s house Can.

The two have not discussed for almost 17 years since the breakup. In 1988, they started talking on a few occasions and when Rajesh Khanna died in 2012, Anju was present at the janaza. Anju Mahendra married Imtiaz, the brother of actor Amjad Khan. He was a theater man.


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