Animation series: Animated ‘Bapu’ is coming to teach Gandhigiri to children

Now by becoming Mahatma Gandhi Bapu and telling the good things in the lives of young children, you will soon be seen on TV. Ketan Mehta’s company Cosmos Maya is also preparing episodes in animation style. First of all, we have brought you exclusive information about these episodes, which we talked about with Suhas Kadav, the company’s Chief Creative Officer. What’s more, read this interview for kids in this series

Our Suhas Bapu Tell me aboutThe

These days we have noticed that young children are mostly learning by watching something on mobile. The series that is also coming on TV, for the most part, the best things to teach kids is not as level as our history. Bapu is a character who has connected the whole of India. His ideals are still in the books, but with this idea of ​​how to bring these ideals into the lives of children, we have prepared a sketch of a character of Bapur. What Bapu has given in India is priceless. When they come home from school, they watch TV. Also on TV, they change the channel as soon as they see the knowledge. They don’t want to see knowledge because they find it annoying. But we still have to learn their good things the way they want to be seen. So in Bapur’s education we started preparing its episodes and now we have come a long way.

Suhas Kadav, Chief Creative Officer, Cosmos Maya

Suhas Kadav, Chief Creative Officer, Cosmos Maya

How this series is different from Munnabhai MBBS filmThe

It is completely different from Munnabhai. In the film, he spoke directly to Mahatma Gandhi whom he already knew, but how we should bring him into his life was the subject of the film. For teaching children, the film method cannot be adopted. For them, we need to tell our story in a more logical way, so that they can understand forever and take it into their lives.

Explain some moreThe

As I tell you in a small example that once Bapu tells him that lying increases the burden on your shoulders and bends the shoulders. When the child sees a man with a curved shoulder, the child asks him if there is a big load on your shoulder. Have you ever lied? In such a situation, the person may realize his mistake and tell his boss the truth. Telling the truth boosts his confidence and straightens his shoulders. If such examples were taught to young children in childhood that the burden of lies could fall on your shoulders, it became a lifelong lesson for them that they would be able to avoid lies. With the help of Bapur education, similar clean habits can be inculcated in children.

Do you think the kids will watch the Bapu series?The

We are already making shows like Matu-Patlu, Shiva, Inspector Chingam and Guddu on Amazon Prime. This includes authentic entertainment. Their characters are big but if they behave like children then their appearance is also like theirs. We also put this character of Bapu in it that he is teaching good things to children in simple and friendly language.

Where can we watch this series of Bapu?The

Our kids are talking about a lot of channels. We’ll share information about where it will appear soon.

Tell our readers something about the animation market, what is the situation in IndiaThe

In terms of animation we are still 50 years behind in the West. In 2011, we started Motu-Patlu. He became number one. All the channels that used to come for children used to show external content but now the situation has changed. Now all those programs are also being shown in Indian characters. If you look at the idea, they are like us. But they see it as animation. As long as we call our films cartoon movies. Unless our attitude changes here, it will not find that place in our place. In such a situation, we need to change our thinking. We have a lot of potential in this market so far.


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