Angry Airlines: 60-year-old woman abused by airline staff, reprimanded by filmmaker Bipul Shah

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7 minutes ago

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Shefali Shah and her husband Bipul Shah.

Filmmaker Bipul Shah and his wife Shefali Shah have blamed the airline for abusing a 70-year-old woman. He described the incident as shocking and acceptable. The video of the incident was also shared on social media, after which the airline apologized to Shefali Shah.

What is the whole matter

Describing the incident, Vipul Shah said in an interview, “We were on a flight from Nagpur to Mumbai, which started at 8:45 pm and landed at 10:00 am. We booked a wheelchair for a 60-year-old woman because she had an accident and Was injured.

All of this was reported to Indigo staff and the wheelchair was booked. When we landed at Mumbai Airport, he said that Ind Indigo did not have enough wheelchairs. It was completely shocking and unacceptable. I would have understood if I hadn’t booked a wheelchair and asked for a chance. I took the reservation and they confirmed it. “

‘Workers lied’

Shah added, “Staff were not in favor of prioritizing the 60-year-old injured woman. They lied that the wheelchair would arrive in two minutes. When I lost patience, they started calling in front of me. They don’t need to worry. Apologize. They This news should be conveyed to Indigo Management and DGCI so that they can take action.

’40 m you waited ‘

According to Bipul Shah, the airlines forced him to wait for 40 minutes. “I screamed, then he came into action and arranged for the wheelchair to be pulled right if the right word was made, and he wouldn’t do that to anyone in the future,” he said.

The airlines have made it clear

Bipul Shah’s wife Shefali Shah shared the video of the incident on Twitter. Since then, cleanup has been provided by the airlines. He wrote, “Miss Shah. We hope to provide wheelchair support as soon as possible and apologize for the long wait. Check it out as soon as possible and take the necessary action by drawing the attention of the airport team.”


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