Angered by Kangana’s tweet about the farmers’ protest, Himanshi Khurana asked, “How much money does the government have …”

New Delhi: Himangshi Khurana, a contestant on the controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 13’, has opened a front against Kangana Ranaut on social media. He responded to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet about the peasant movement. However, Kangana has not yet responded to Himanshi Khurana’s tweet.

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Kangana’s tweet
In fact, Himanshi Khurana’s rage is related to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet which he commented on the farmers ’performance which is shameful. Everyone is cooking bread in the name of the farmer. Hopefully, the government will not allow anti-national elements to take advantage of this and will not allow the blood-thirsty vulture piece to become the second falcon of this cycle.

GB’s answer
Himanshi Khurana wrote in response to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet – Come on, there is no difference between you and Bollywood, because if you think you were wrong, you would be able to connect more with farmers. Whether it is right or wrong, all this is nothing less than dictatorship.

Questions were raised about protecting the government
Sharing a cartoon, Himanshi Khurana wrote, ‘If these older women took money to join the crowd, how much money did you take to protect the government?

Farmers voice against the bill
Explain that farmers are protesting against the farmers bill in the country. Many celebrities have reacted to this on social media. Many tweets are being made for and against the protest.
Himanshi Khurana Kangana Ranaut He also commented on the tweet, where he was talking about the decision of the High Court regarding the victory of his office, democracy. Shimless with screenshots written by Himashi Khurana.

Tight pulse on the bracelet
In response to Kangana Ranaut’s video, Himanshi Khurana wrote, ‘Thank you for saving your home and it is wrong to save your home. Not the same VIP link.

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