Ananya Pandey will be seen in the movie ‘Khali Yellow’, the action director said – she surprised us by stunting without doubling her body.

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  • Ananya Pandey will be seen doing a great performance in the film ‘Empty Yellow’, the action director said that she surprised us by doing a stunt without a body double.

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Ananya Pandey is also entering the field of acting with the upcoming film Khali Yellow. ‘Khali Yellow’ action director Parvez Sheikh has revealed that Ananya has given action performance on camera without using body double.

Talking about the film, Parvez said, “When we decided to make it, ‘Khali Yellow’ was not an action film but when we went ahead with the shooting, we decided to do some action sequences.” Did. ‘

Thought Ananya could not do that

Regarding Ananya’s performance, Parvez said, ‘Ananya had a special action scene, I thought she couldn’t do it, because the scene starts for free. After that the thugs have to jump in a single shot. If it went wrong, there was a high chance of a shoulder rupture or a neck fracture, but he surprised everyone by taking unexpected steps. A glimpse of her can be seen in the trailer. ‘

'Khali Yellow' Action Director Parvez Sheikh.

‘Khali Yellow’ Action Director Parvez Sheikh.

The scene became itself

He further added that ‘the climax has one more action sequence. Which was done with the help of to-do and Ananya took action again and the whole unit clapped for her because it was an intense scene. There they had to fly and cover themselves in the car and also make sure that the glass of the car was broken. Usually, it is done by doubling the body but Ananya took it upon herself and did the scene. ‘

Ananya is currently shooting in Goa for her upcoming film Shakun Batra with Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi and will then work with Vijay Deverakonda on her first Pan-India project called ‘Fighter’.


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