Amrita Fadnavis sings on the title track of ‘Golpe Humsafar Hai 2’

Ekta Kapoor’s Alta Balaji knows very well how love spreads. With the second season of the show ‘Kahane Ko Humsafar Hai’ released on Valentine’s Day, fans were happy to see their favorite characters back on screen. The show has been liked by millions of viewers across the country. Viewers can now feel the pain and love of these characters more deeply as the producers of the sweet and heart touching title track show ‘Tumi Ho Pass’ have been released. But this time the song has been presented in a completely new style.

The beautiful Amrita Fadnavis is the wife of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and has given this song her sweet voice. This song drove the audience crazy in the first season and now it is back in a whole new incarnation. The song is composed by Ashish Rego and Swapnil Nayaram. It is very powerful and creates a mood where lots of sensations are combined with love. Those who have missed Amrita’s voice will surely remember this song for a long time.

After singing the title track in the first season of the show, the current track is another great achievement of Amrita. Amrita has sung many great songs before. Talking about this melodious chartbuster, Amrita said, “I was very happy to hear that we were going to do another version of this popular song. We added a new breast to the song and gave it a new touch. I sang the original song, so my problem is singing the new version. “It’s a song that’s really perfect and perfectly matched with the story of the web-series ‘Galpe Humsafar Hai’. I’m sure this song, like the second season of the show, will win people’s hearts.”

‘Kahane Ko Humsafar Hai 2’ stars top actors like Ronit Roy, Mona Singh and Gurudeep Kohli. New episodes of it are airing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday which thrills the listeners and keeps them engrossed in this web series. No wonder Alt Balaji, seeing the love and affection of the audience, decides to return with season two of ‘Kahane Ko Humsafar Hai’. You can watch the music video of ‘Tumi Ho Pass’ below: Trailer of the new episode of ‘Kahane Ko Humsafar Hein 2’:


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