Amitabh Trolled: 78 78-year-old Big B congratulates Chhath Puja, social media users catch a mistake and say – learn to write

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12 minutes ago

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Legendary Amitabh Bachchan on social media wished the sun worship festival Chhat Puja. However, in his tweet he accidentally wrote ‘roof’ ‘roof’, which is why social media users are trolling him. The 78-year-old Big B wrote in his tweet, “Chath Puja (Pratiharshakti / Suryashakti) … Hello everyone … Praying blessings from Surya for his public interest. Friday, November 20. Chhath (Chhath) many good prayers.”

Social media users have commented like this, see the print screen

He made such a mistake two days ago

Two days ago, Amitabh Bachchan made a similar mistake in one of his tweets. In fact, Big B shared a quote from Mahatma Gandhi and wrote below, “Do you know who said that?” However, four hours later, he realized his mistake that ‘you know’ should be replaced by ‘you know’. Big B apologized to social media users for correcting his sentence.

Amitabh tweeted:

Corrected four hours later


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