Amitabh Bachchan is far above the new trial, but he is being hailed as an angry young man by critics

10 days ago

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Amitabh Bachchan has gained recognition as an ‘angry young man’ even after a five-decade film career and working in about 235 films of various genres. Film critics can be blamed for this identification. Despite his diverse and varied roles, he was not credited for it.

This is why at one point he even said that if his critics thought he could only play the role of Angry Young Man, he would continue to be ‘Angry Middle Aged Man’ and later ‘Angry Old Man’. This feeling of despair arose from the depths of his soul. But today, fifty years later, all his critics are missing from the scene and on the contrary Amitabh Bachchan has appeared to us as a great event.

When I flipped through the 300 pages of my book ‘Bachchalania’ written on Amitabh and gave him movie posters from ‘Sat Hindustani’ (1969) to ‘The Last Lear’ (2009), his fancy film career and beyond , I was surprised to see his firm conviction. Instead of letting his morale fall under the criticism of the critics, he went his own way.

A complete artist is that he can present nine juices in his acting. And the proof of Amitabh’s entire film career is that all the nine juices have appeared in his acting with full color and fragrance.

Juice up Without it, Indian culture and cinema cannot be imagined. Amitabh’s two pictures about romance are especially memorable. One, ‘sometimes’ and the other ‘continuity’.

‘Sometimes’, lovers and lovers are separated by mutual consent. Rakhi is happily married to Shashi Kapoor, but despite having a good wife in the form of Waheeda Rehman, Amitabh’s married life remains very difficult. The situation in ‘Silsila’ separates those who love. The two then came together for a while, but after a short time their dreams were shattered again. Many magical moments touch the heart in both the films.

Amitabh Bachchan in a scene from the movie 'Anand'.  For this film, he received his first Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Amitabh Bachchan in a scene from the movie ‘Anand’. For this film, he received his first Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In Amitabh’s picture Juicy juice Many examples can be found, because laughter was a living part of his personality. Four of his films are notable in comic juices. Who can forget the drunken scene in ‘My Akbar Anthony’. ‘Nut Notarlal’ is a comedy-themed comedy with ‘Bhaya-Bhabi’, ‘Chupke Chupke’ and ‘Do Or Do Punch’.

Starring in ‘Storm’, ‘Magician’, ‘T Shwar Tusi Great Ho’ and even ‘102 Not Out’ Surprise juice Can be seen and felt. Each introduction Hero This would happen because they would kill the villains and judge the poor and helpless. In ‘Sat Hindustani’ he shows amazing heroism for the country, in ‘Shole’ the villagers are seen fighting for the family in ‘Shan’.

Cool juice Characters cannot be shot on screen unless restrained. Most of Amitabh’s writers have portrayed him as a strong and silent hero, but not as a quiet hero. Some of the characters he played as Nirmal Nayak are Alap, Bemsal and Mohabbatain.

Sad tune song or music Speaking of which, many of Amitabh’s characters are in pain again and again. In ‘Abhimaan’ they are dissatisfied with their wives. In ‘Mili’ they are troubled by the past. In ‘Sharabi’ and ‘Suryavansham’, they confront Baghban with the tendency of neglecting children if they do not come out of the shadow of a tough-tempered father.

The actor whose identity has been dissatisfied Lauer juice No need to go into details. However, his role is special in the sense that he expressed this Rudra juice differently every time. In ‘Zanjeer’, when he succeeds in mixing his angry emotions, in ‘Nom Haram’, anger is expressed because of its importance. In ‘Agnipath’, hatred became the cause of his anger.

Great juice The best example of this is the transformation of Kallu into a coward like ‘Kalia’, who fights against those who torture his family. In ‘Anam’, the system threatened Amitabh, so they rose up against him for his annihilation.

And finally Deadly juice Talking about the ‘Wall’ picture is a good example of this. This leads to hatred towards parents and society to such an extent that they incline towards crime. In ‘Unknowingly Do’ he expresses annoyance and harasses his wife and his friend.

There are many roles played by Amitabh, but the problem is that he has no juice. For example, trident, subtle, energy 6. There is no end to this list.

(The author is a renowned critic and historian)


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