Amita Rao talks about becoming a mother after 4 years of marriage, 2020 is a difficult year, but now the child’s face is not erased

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Actress Amrita Rao has recently become a mother. After four years of marriage, they gave birth to a son. In an interview after becoming a mother, Amrita shared many things with this experience.

In an interview with the Times of India, Amrita said for the first time that she would not take her eyes off her child. Also, I can’t describe the happiness on my husband Anmal’s face. I’m feeling very happy. The feeling of giving birth to another person is very special and divine. Yes, God.

The benefits of being a mother in 2020

Speaking about being a mother in the Corona epidemic, Amrita said, ‘Of course 2020 is a very difficult year but I can see the good side of it. It also has the advantage of being adopted in 2020. My baby will get authentic homemade food because his grandmother and grandmother have come to stay with us. The nuclear family has suddenly become a joint family. The opportunity to spend time with each other, bond, interact with family members, eat together and plan small things with everyone will also create good values ​​in my kids. ‘

Amrita’s husband RJ Anmal also said that the lockdown time is very lucky. He said, ‘Who gets the chance to be together 24 hours a day? We didn’t go out and followed it very strictly that there was no way to get anywhere while locking down. My show was coming up in March but at the same time I got the news that I was going to be a dad. ‘

Married in 2016

Amrita and Anmol got married in 2016. Amrita has acted in films like ‘Viva’, ‘Mai Hun Na’, ‘Ishq-Bishk’. The last film of 39-year-old Amrita was ‘Thackeray’ which was released in 2019.


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