Ames rejected the murder theory, but in August the head of the forensic board told a channel that the autopsy was flawed, dispersing the evidence.

16 days ago

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The Sushant Singh Rajput case has taken another turn. Dr Sudhir Gupta, chairman of the AIIMS Forensic Medical Board, said two days ago that the team investigating Sushant’s case had sidelined the murder theory. However, now a TV channel has released the audio of the conversation held before Dr. Gupta on this subject. Mumbai police are said to have investigated and falsified the evidence.

The case of Sunanda Pushkar has been mentioned in the viral audio

Dr. Gupta spoke to a Republican TV reporter in August. Dr. Gupta then said that during the investigation of Sunanda Pushkar’s case, he did not allow anyone to set foot in the house where the crime scene was and how Sunanda Pushkar’s body was found. In the conversation, he questioned Cooper Hospital’s haste in reporting the autopsy. He added that the time of death was not given in the report.

Sudhir Gupta raised these questions

According to the audio, Dr. Gupta said that a team of 50 doctors performed the autopsy. Only one of them was a junior level forensic doctor. The other 4 were medical officers. As a rule, the panel must have a forensic expert. Who created this medical board? Why Medical Board? How will the police explain about the medical board? What were the police waiting for? Where were Sushant’s nails? Why was it resurrected? Was the viscera report according to medical observation?

Dr. Sudhir Gupta changed the target

On August 22, he cited errors in the autopsy report and scattered the evidence, saying the forensic investigation was not accurate. During the conversation, he further said that there was serious interference in the case of Sushant. The crime scene is usually kept intact, but Mumbai police did not do so during the investigation. He also mentioned the fact that the evidence was out of the question.

Sushant’s sister raised the question

While sharing a screen shot of a channel, Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti questioned the AIIMS report. Shweta writes – This kind of camel, this is all you should know. With the help of this post, he wrote in the hashtag Sushant Ames Tape Exposed Sushant Conspiracy.


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