Along with films like ’33 ‘and’ Suryavanshi ‘, films like’ Tanhaji ‘and’ Juddha ‘will be seen again in the next three months.

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Movies that have been closed for 7 months due to lockdowns are being re-launched from October 15th.

  • ‘Khali Yellow’, ‘Lakshmi Boma’, ‘Coolie No. 1’ agreed to release on single screen
  • Singles from small and big cities will bring ‘Tanhaji’, ‘War’, ‘Chichor’ in the weekly holiday on 16th October

Multiplexes and single screens have sprung up in most parts of the country, allowing theaters to open. Multiplexes have also announced the release of pictures within the next three months. The movie chain PVR shares its content pipeline with the daily sculptor. These pictures will be released-

Between November- ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’, ‘Indu Ki Jawani’, ‘Chalap’, ‘Sandip Or Pinky Farar’, ’99 Songs ‘, Mimi, Tencent’
In December- ’83’, ‘Ruhi Afzana’, ‘Death on the Blue River’, ‘Wonder-Woman’, ‘Dune’
In January- ‘Suryavanshi ‘,’ Sardar Udham Singh ‘,’ KGF 2 ‘,’ Aadhar ‘,’ Ram Prasad Ki Thirteenth ‘,’ Peter Khargosh ‘,’ Everyone talks about Jamie ‘

The retrospective philosophy of well-known actors in films

Dewang Sampat, deputy CEO of Cinema Police Cinema Chain, said, “Well-known actors will also have retro scenes in the film. For example, pictures of Ishi Kapoor and Irrfan Sahab will be shot. Emphasis will also be placed on Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and Malayalam speaking films.” It will also be published in Hindi-speaking states. “

The distributor and exhibitor fraternity stamped the talk of Debang Sampat. He added, “Punjabi films also have new release slates. In Punjabi, ‘Chaal Mera Put 2’, ‘Yaar Anmule Returns’, ‘Galvakadi,’ Posti ‘,’ Bu Mandar Gaya, ‘Sharik 2’, Kismat 2 ‘,’ Shohren Da There are movies like “Pind”.

New Bengali language movies will be available from October

In Bengali, new content is available from October. Multiplexes will release films like ‘Dracula Sir’, ‘Guldasta’, ‘Rohay’, ‘Aguntuk’, ‘Prem Tem’, ‘Dharma Yudhi’. Also in the re-release section are ‘Brahma Jan Gopan Komati’, ‘The Parcel’.

The first ‘Tanhaji’ and ‘War’ of the Delhi Circuit

Sanjay Ghai, exhibitor and distributor of Delhi Circuit, said, “There is no new film crisis in front of cinemas since November. We will release films like ‘Judh’ and ‘Tanhaji’ again on the weekend of October 1.

Together, ‘Chichhor’ was released eight months ago on February 26 this year and the film will be released on different shows on the same day. So that listeners get different options. Theaters have released these films once. As such, they do not have to carry a virtual print fee for republishing. “

Three pictures are to be released on the occasion of Diwali

Ghai added, “Two or three films have been released before Diwali. This time the pattern has also been seen. ‘Suraj Par Mangal Bharati’ is officially releasing. Apart from that, ‘Bunty O Babli 2’ and Vansali’s film are very likely to be released.”

Lakshmi Bomb will be released on a single screen

Other multiplexes including ‘Lakshmi Boma’, ‘Coolie No.’ and Ionox are running for the release of 1 or Adi with OTT or in the weekend meeting.

Multiplex OTTs are adamant not to release them because of the release. But single screen people have said they are ready to release them here. In particular, ‘November Lakshmi Boma’ is being released on Hotstar, will be released on the big screen on 13th or 14th November.


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