Alia Bhatt’s anger over trolls, he said – disliking can not diminish your importance

New Delhi: The Bollywood industry has been in turmoil since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Everyone is talking about drug gangs and nepotism. In such a situation, Alia Bhatt, known as Napo Kid, shared her thoughts with her fans on Instagram. Recently, actress Alia Bhatt was trolled due to nepotism. Not only that, his movie Road 2, which was on the OTT platform, also hit the box office. In addition to these, there are more dislikes in the trailer of the movie that came on YouTube.

Alia’s advice to trolls
Regular trolling Alia Bhatt shared a post on her Instagram handle. He thanked his fans for this. Currently, the number of Alia’s fans on Instagram has increased to five crore. For this reason, he is thanking his fans. He also responded to trolls in this post.

Alia has 50 million followers on Instagram
Alia wrote in the post, ‘Today is a day of appreciation. Thanks to everyone in my family, friends. Because of you I have won the love of fifty crore people. I love everyone. I want to share something with all of you. I’ve learned a lot in the last few months. Social media connects us, makes us excited too, but it’s not us.

Alia replied to the troll
He further wrote, ‘I was still happy and grateful today when I had 5,15, 50 thousand boyfriends. I believe that life is made up of relationships with others. Relationships are very important. It is important to connect more with yourself. No one can diminish your importance on social media by clicking the Like or Dislike button.

Alia expressed her mind
Alia further wrote in her post, ‘I want you all to praise yourself. Praise your soul, praise your body. Like no other, trolls can take you away from your soul. ‘Thus, Alia kept her mind in front of her fans and even hinted at expressing her anger towards the trolls. The advice of Alia’s trolls is getting very popular on social media.

Alia wishes her mother a happy birthday
Besides, Alia Bhatt wished her mother a happy birthday on Sony Rajdan’s birthday today. He also called his sister Thake to prepare for the birthday.

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