Alia Bhatt wrote a post about having 50 million followers

Alia Bhatt (Photo courtesy: Instagram / Aliabatt)

Actress Alia Bhatt has 50 million followers on Instagram. He expressed happiness over this achievement by posting from his Instagram account. He wrote- ‘Today is a day of appreciation .. Thanks to my family .. My fans .. You gave me 50 million (million) love today ..

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Mumbai For the first time since the untimely death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, there has been intense debate and controversy over nepotism in Bollywood. Earlier, the issue was discussed from time to time, but after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, some Bollywood actors and fans of the late Sushant reacted strongly. Actress Kangana Ranaut was the most vocal on the issue and raised questions all over Bollywood. Many Bollywood actors were trolled in this environment. Alia Bhatt was the most confronted by this troll. His picture flopped badly due to the Road 2 troll.

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has shared one of her achievements with her fans. His Instagram account has reached 50 million followers. Alia expressed happiness for this achievement by posting from her Instagram account. He wrote- ‘Today is a day of praise .. Thanks to my family .. My fans .. You gave me 50 million (million) love today .. I love you all the stars and beyond.’

Bhatt further wrote- ‘I want to share what I have learned in the last two months at the moment .. Social media connects us .. It makes us excited and yes it entertains us .. but we don’t. When I had 5 or 15 or 50 thousand followers, I was just as happy today and grateful to my fans.

Alia further writes, ‘I truly believe that our lives are made up of those relationships as we work with them and most importantly what we do with ourselves .. Any button that touches you has no right to feel more or less. So as I said, today is a day of praise.

The actress further wrote, ‘I want you all to spend a moment on yourself and praise yourself .. Praise your mind, your body, your heart and your soul !! Because there are no likes or dislikes .. No follow or not to follow .. No troll or poll can take things that can take you away from yourself.


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