Alia Bhatt started shooting for ‘Gangubai Kathiawali’ in the Corona era, Vonsali was working to save the cast and crew members at night

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  • Alia Bhatt started shooting for ‘Gangubai Kathiyawali’ in the coroner era, Vonsali is working at night to save the cast and crew

Amit Karna, Mumbai15 days ago

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Alia Bhatt’s name has also been added to the list of stars who started working in Corona. Who has recently started shooting for director Sanjay Leela Vonsali’s next film ‘Gangubai Kathiawali’. Sources close to the film said that the shooting of the film is scheduled for January.

The film is currently being shot in Film City, Mumbai. According to sources, special methods are being adopted in the set to save maximum time of the cast and crew members during the shooting and more scenes are being shot at night.

Photo shooting started at night

Sources said, ‘The Alai and crew members came to the set in the evening. Shoot all night and return home in the morning. Return to the set again in the evening after resting all day. In this way, everyone is saved when they get stuck in Mumbai traffic. Also in the shadows of the set-on night, we capture on camera the world of Kamatipura.

Alia also agreed to do night duty

Sources said that the film’s director Sanjay Leela Vonsali wants to keep the schedule till January next year. Alia is also ready to do ‘night duty’ by then. Alia will also be shown as an adult in the film. However, Vansali did not ask him to gain weight.

Some people on the set were also infected with corona

People on the set also reported that some people came to the set in the middle, corona positive. After which he was released. Even then, other individuals and artists did not panic and continued shooting fearlessly.

Ajay Devgn will have a cameo in the film

Ajay Devgn’s cameo can also be seen in the film. However, their share was not shot. People associated with the writers’ team said that Vonsali has not yet signed Ranbir Kapoor against Alia. Ajay Devgan is not unlike Ali. They are in the role of their mentor or protege. Ajay Devgn will join the film after two weeks.

The picture will have two different time zones

The image is set in two different time zones. One part is set before the split, the other part is set in the eighth decade. Vonsali visited Kamathipura more than 10 times to show the 1946 and also met with several old architects to make the set a reality. However, a small part of the fourth decade can be seen in the film. The remaining 80 percent of the film is set in the seventies.

The budget of the film has not decreased

Even after the corona effect, the producers did not cut the budget of the film. Kamathipura Film City has been rebuilt at a cost of around Rs 6 crore. The set remains the same. Industry insiders say the set was never dismantled. The media did not know where the news came from.

The film is being shot in the sound of the movie

Vonsali is also doing a special job during the shoot to avoid dubbing after the shooting is over. For this, they are shooting in set sync sound. So that after the shooting is over, the need to go to the recording studio for dubbing can be reduced.


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