Ali Gani got angry with Bigg Boss and tried to sabotage BB’s house and said- ‘I have come to do the show, don’t stop …’

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Ali Gani has been kept separate in a glass room present in the house. However, so that he could talk to all the members of the family and take part in all the work, he was provided with a landline, from where he spoke to the other members of the family.

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Mumbai Recently, TV actor Ali Gani (Oli Gani) made a wild card entry in the house of Bigg Boss 14. In the midst of the corona virus, her best friend, Jasmine Vasin, sees the predicament and suddenly decides to come to the show, she is no different (Oli Gani Wild Card Entry). Due to which he has been kept away from all family members in the glass house. Ali has also been provided with a landline to enable him to talk to family and be a part of all work, from where he talks to other family members.

However, now it seems that Ali is very upset sitting in a room made of glass. Recently a promo was shared on Colors TV, where he was seen sitting on the Big and getting a lot of rain. On which Jasmine tells them to stay calm, but Ali refuses to listen to them either. Not only that, now choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan is going to take his class on Ali’s action very soon.

In this video, Ali is seen saying angrily – ‘No Mike Pahanga or Khana Khunna. Will break, then throw away I swear, everything will break. Here is every thing now. Jasmine says she’s not angry like that. About which Ali shouted – ‘Why don’t I do this man, I came to do the show, I didn’t come here to stop. This is what they want… this? Every member of the house was shocked to see Ali getting so angry.


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