Akshay made a comment on Jackie’s video, a funny comment

Although Akshay Kumar is very busy with his upcoming film ‘Kesari’ these days, he is also known for his funny nature. They often make such comments on social media, which is enough to wrap people up.

Akshay commented

Jackie Bhagnani shared a video on his Twitter account showing him walking west of Hula Hoop. In this video he tagged Akshay Kumar and wrote, ‘Akshay Kumar Sir I saw you doing this in a video, which inspired me a lot. I hope I’m doing it right. While retweeting Akshay Jackie’s tweet, he jokingly wrote, ‘This thing is pretty good, it looks like someone is practicing consistently.’ Akshay then said in Jackie’s hips movement, ‘The hips don’t lie.’

21 It will be March Saffron Release

For your information, let us know that Akshay Kumar will soon be seen in his film ‘Kesari’. His opposite Parineeti Chopra will be seen in the film, who is playing the role of Akshay’s wife in the film. The film will be released in theaters on March 21.


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