Akshay Kumar’s ‘Lakshmi Boma’ hurts religious sentiments, demands ban on release

Lakshmi bomb poster

Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Lakshmi Boma’ (Lakshmi Boma) has been controversial for a long time. First there is the jihad of love, now the Hindu Janajati Samiti has accused the film of hurting religious sentiments.

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  • Latest version:October 16, 2020, 11:09 AM IST

Mumbai There is a lot of talk these days about Bollywood’s big picture. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has also announced his upcoming film ‘Lakshmi Bom’. The trailer of this movie has been released, which is also being liked on social media. Apart from this, various questions are also being raised about this film. Not only that, there are also demands to ban the release of the film because of these questions. The film has already been accused of profiteering, but now it has also been accused of hurting religious sentiments. Due to which the Hindu Janajaguti Samiti has started opposing the film.

Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of the Hindu Janajagaran Samiti, said:Akshay Kumar The movie Lakshmi Boma is being released on the occasion of Diwali, due to which the movie has been deliberately named ‘Lakshmi Boma’. Which is an insult to Sri Lakshmi Devi, whom millions of Hindus worship. On the one hand, we are urging people not to get rid of ‘Lakshmi Fireworks’, on the other hand, this film will give more encouragement to such people.

He said- ‘Apart from these, the name of the hero in this film is Asif and the name of the heroine is Priya Yadav. Jihad is being propagated through this. That is why the script of ‘Lakshmi Boma’ should be stopped immediately. At the same time Ramesh Shinde further said that the film Mohammad: The Messenger of God has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims and the film was banned by the Home Minister of Maharashtra himself. Similarly ‘Lakshmi bomb’ should be banned.


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