Akshay Kumar was stunned to see Kapil Sharma’s big house, revealed about the earnings

Akshay Kumar arrives at Kapil Sharma’s show (Photo Grab- @ SoniteVofficial / Instagram)

Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show. During this time he had a lot of fun with Kapil.

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  • Latest version:October 29, 2020, 11:38 p.m.

Mumbai There is a lot of talk these days about many big Bollywood movies. Many release dates have been announced during the shooting of many photos. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani’s film ‘Lakshmi’ is going to explode on the occasion of Diwali. At the same time, Akshay Kumar is not leaving any stone unturned in promoting this film. At the same time, comedian Kapil Sharma’s show The Kapil Sharma Show, Akshay Kumar is coming for his film. Akshay’s great fun will be seen in this show, which is also seen in the promo of the show.

On the show Akshay Kumar Kapil Sharma will also be seen applying a great class. A new promo of Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma’ has appeared. In which Akshay Kumar is seen revealing about Kapil Sharma’s big house. In fact, like other superstars, Akshay Kumar does a lot of pictures in a year. At the same time, Kapil Sharma told Akshay Kumar that your calendar must have shrunk when there was a 21-day lockdown. At the same time Akshay immediately responded – ‘I can earn 365 days on my own but I can shorten my calendar’.

Kapil later said that he was very jealous of Akshay Kumar’s advertisement. In it, Akshay laughed and said that it was his brand ambassador. This guy snatches as much as the show here. No one loots so much. One day I went to his house – such a big house is not mine. At the same time, Archana was surprised to hear this from Akshay. At the same time Kapil was seen smiling sharply.


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