Akshay Kumar wanted to play Dhoni but the director refused to sign him with Sushant Singh Rajput

23 days ago

September 30 marks the 4th anniversary of the release of ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’. The film was released in 201. In The film proved to be a milestone in Sushant Singh Rajput’s career. Sushant was quite acclaimed for playing MS Dhoni. Also, Dhoni and his family liked the film.

He was happy that director Neeraj Pandey kept it very close to reality. According to Neeraj, up to 98% of the film was based on Dhoni’s real life.

Sushant is no more in this world but he will always entice the audience through his powerful work in this film. Let’s find out some special facts about the movie …

  • The school pictured is really Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s school where he used to go in his childhood. The film was shot here with special permission.
  • Akshay Kumar wanted to play the role of Dhoni but director Neeraj Pandey did not cast him in the film due to huge differences between the cricketer and Luke. Later, the producers considered Sushant to be absolutely perfect for the role and signed Sushant. The character proved to be a milestone for Sushant and the film became a hit.
  • Former cricketer Kiran Moore trained Sushant for the film, but Dhoni himself came to train him when Sushant was injured while learning helicopter shots.
  • Bhumik Chawla has returned to Bollywood after 9 years from this film. He had earlier appeared in Gandhi, My Father in 2007.
  • In this film, Kiara Advani has played the role of Dhoni’s wife Sakshi. The witness presented Kaira with her wedding dress for the wedding scene in the film.
  • Disha Patni made her Bollywood debut with this film. She played with Dhoni’s love interest Priyanka, who actually died in an accident. Disha also received a Screen and Stardust Award for Best Debut for this film.
  • The film is the fifth highest grossing film of 2016. Its collection was about 133 crore rupees. The film had a budget of Rs 60 crore, of which Rs 40 crore was given to Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


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