Akshay Kumar to start shooting for ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’ from October 7, not all crew members can go home

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  • Akshay to pick up Prithviraj Chauhan from October 8, corona test of crew members from Tuesday, no one will go home, stay at hotel near studio

Amit Karna, Mumbai16 days ago

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Even in the era of Corona, Akshay Kumar is very active and shooting films at a fast pace. He is going to start shooting for Yashraj Production’s ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’ soon after finishing ‘Belbottom’. His close friends say that he will join the shooting of this film from October 7.

The corona test of the crew members has started from Tuesday to prepare for the shooting of the film and only those who get negative results will be allowed to enter the studio. During this time, the people involved in the production were stopped at the hotel near the studio to have the entire crew go to the studio from the hotel before and after the shooting. Technically it is called ‘bio bubble’.

30 percent shooting of the film is not left yet

Earlier, Prithviraj Chauhan’s team had done an action sequence outdoors in Jaipur six and a half months ago. Sources said, “Climax shoots will take place from October 7. Mohammad Gauri has blinded Prithviraj Chauhan. The sequence will be filmed in the same order as their army battle. The film has been shot 100 percent till Jaipur. The remaining 30 percent will be shot by November.

The battle sequences will be shot with 50 people

Due to the current situation, battle sequences will also be shot in the studio. Sources said that more than 50 people could not be kept in the shooting due to the situation in Corona. Thus battle sequences will be depicted in equal numbers. On a typical day such sequences were shot with 400 to 500 people. This will be done less with crew members. With the help of VFX in post production it will be transformed into an army of 1000.

Akshay will look like James Bond of Bellbottom

On the other hand, in ‘Bellbottom’, Akshay Kumar will be seen acting in the Assamese style of the decade. Those on the set have confirmed it. He said, ‘Our film is set in the seventh and eighth decades. Also works with spies from Europe, China, Russia, America. In such a situation, the protagonist of the film is shown as an Indian gemstone, he is also special in brain action. Yes, but gadgets equipped with modern technology such as cars, watches, etc. are owned by real gemstones. Not everything.

Physical activity is reduced

The film’s action team reduced the explosive scene in the film. Because the film had to be shot in a very short time. Conflict with the villain has also subsided. Here Akshay Kumar can be seen taking his mind away from tactics with enemies.


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