Akshay Kumar is going to clash with this villain as a transgender in ‘Lakshmi’

New Delhi: Akshay Kumar Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of their hijra avatar, the upcoming film ‘Lakshmi’. But did you know that any villain is going to compete in this film? Actor Tarun Aurora is going to play the role of a villain in the film. He talks about his negative role in Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Lakshmi’.

Tarun said, ‘If things aren’t challenging, it’s not interesting. Gray shaded characters are quite challenging. In my experience, your response should be stronger than your actions.

He said, ‘You always have to keep yourself fit and you can learn a lot from the fighting sequence. I have learned to ride a horse. I did fencing and martial arts (in different pictures). When it comes to gray shades, there is always an interesting role to play.

The actor had earlier played a negative role in the 2010 Tamil film ‘Kanithan’ and the 2017 Telugu release ‘Prison Number 150’ starring Chiranjeevi.

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