Akshay broke the silence on the connection between Bollywood and drugs and said that there is a problem of drugs in the industry too, but don’t look at the whole industry with one eye.

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  • Akshay Kumar broke the silence about Bollywood and drug connection in a video, I said drug problem exists but don’t look at the whole industry with one eye

19 days ago

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Above all, Akshay Kumar has been silent for a long time in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Akshay shared a video and explained why he was silent for so long and is now talking. Akshay admits that there is a problem with drugs in the industry, but he added that everyone should be involved in this problem, it is not like that.

First Akshay said about his heart

Akshay Kumar said- Today I am talking to you with a big heart. A lot of things have come to my mind over the last few weeks. I didn’t know what to say, who to talk to. Even though we are called stars, you have made Bollywood with your own hands. We have taken the culture and values ​​of our country to every corner of the world through film. Whenever the feelings of the people of the country come. What you are feeling is that films have tried to show them year after year. Be it the anger, corruption, poverty, unemployment of the angry youth. The movie tries to show each issue in its own way.

We were forced to peek into the gorge

Akshay said- If there is anger in your feelings today, then that anger is also in our head. After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, many such issues came to light, which made us suffer like you. These problems forced us to look for our own giriben. The industry has been forced to look at flaws, which need to be addressed.

The industry will cooperate in everything

Akshay said- Nowadays we are talking about drugs and drugs. How can I lie to you with my heart that this is not a problem in the industry? Similarly every industry and every profession must be there, but every person in every profession is involved in it, it can’t happen. Drugs are a very serious problem and I am confident that whatever laws and agencies investigate and whatever action is taken, it will be perfectly accurate. I also know that everyone in the film industry will cooperate with them.

Akshay folded his hands and begged in letters

Akshay told the fans with folded hands – don’t do it so that the whole film industry starts looking into the eyes of the same infamous world. This is not right, this is wrong. I had great faith in the power of the media. If the media doesn’t do the right things, at the right time, a lot of people won’t get a voice or justice. The media continues to raise voices, but in a somewhat sensitive way.


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