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People have been frustrated in their hearts and minds for the last few days, but now it seems that their mood is slowly changing. The actors have started shooting and are planning to promote their new film. And the first good news is that a statue of Shah Rukh and Kajal will be erected in Leicester Square in London on the 25th anniversary of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ (DDLJ). Earlier, Yashraj Films also released their ‘Golden Jubilee Logo’.

DDLJ is the most popular movie of all time in India. Made in 1999 for just Rs 4 crore, the film grossed Rs 89 crore in India and Rs 13.50 crore abroad, for a total of Rs 102.50 crore. If you adjust today’s inflation, the total income as of today is Rs 524 crore.

Every superstar director is interested to work with Rohit Sethi, as having a film with him guarantees that the film is a blockbuster. According to reports, Shitty is planning to start work on his new film ‘Circus’ soon. The hero Ranveer Singh will be there. ‘Circus’ is the third film of the duo after ‘Simpa’ and ‘Suryavanshi’ is going to be released soon. The shooting of ‘Circus’ will start next month. The film will be shot in Mumbai, Ooty and Goa.

It was nice to see the artists get serious about their work again. Young musician and singer Amal Malik is preparing for his pop debut. Actor Boman Irani did the same. He is not only an entertaining actor, but also a living singer. She sang the song ‘Over the Rainbow’ with some talented girls. It was originally sung by actress Judy Garland in the movie The Wizard of Oz a few years ago.

Bowman explained, ‘I have heard these girls sing on social media and have been very impressed by their talent. When I want to sing with him, I reach out to him. In the meantime I asked the aspiring artists of our Akanksha Foundation to send them some pictures so that we can illustrate this classic song with these pictures. And what a miracle it was. Sometimes the best things happen without planning. ‘

Sometimes even simple decisions make a fuss as the trailer of Aksham Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Lakshmi Bom’. Both the actor and the director of the film faced trolling on Twitter. Explaining this, director Raghav Lawrence said about the background of the film, “People are objecting to make the original title of ‘Kanchan’ a ‘Lakshmi Bomb’.”

The title of the original Tamil film was placed on his main character ‘Kanchan’. However, we felt that the name ‘Lakshmi’ would be more appropriate for Hindi audiences. Since the film was being released during Diwali, we added ‘bomb’ to it. Anyone who has seen the original picture knows that it has given a very strong social message.

This movie is inspired by a true story. I am running a trust for the poor. One day some eunuch came to me for help. During the conversation, he shared with me many aspects of his life. His story inspired me to make a film on him. When the film was released in South India, the Kinar community came to my house and blessed me. So, I urge you all not to speculate about it before watching the movie.

(The author is a famous film critic and historian)


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