After watching Rosika Duggal’s performance, I acted in ‘A Suitable Boy’: Mira Nair

Rosika Duggal and Mira Nair.

Filmmaker Mira Nair said, “I saw Rosika Duggal for the first time in a Kisa film and I was attracted to her performance.” Duggal worked with Irrfan Khan, Tilottama Sham and Tisha Chopra in ‘Kisa’.

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New Delhi. Filmmaker Mira Nair has revealed that she made up her mind to work with actress Rasika Duggal after seeing her in ‘Kisaha’ in 2013. During a Q&A session on India’s new series “How You Follow” on Twitter, Nair explained why he decided to take on Duggal for the BBC and Netflix series “A Subat Boy”.

In response to the question, he said, “I saw Rosica for the first time in the episode and I was attracted to her acting.” Duggal worked with Irrfan Khan, Tilottama Sham and Tisca Chopra in ‘Kisa’. The film directed by Anup Singh was acclaimed all over the world. Nair asked Duggal if he too had made a list of his favorite directors.

He wrote to Duggal, “Do you think the first time I saw an episode of you and we met? At this moment I decided to work with you. Do you have the same feelings towards the directors?”

Duggal said, “Yeah! That moment was important to me. I wanted to work with you before I met you. Among the directors I’ve always wanted to work with, you gave me the first time you chose me to play Sabita.” A series of the same name based on the famous author Vikram Seth’s novel “A Suitable Boy” is being aired on Netflix on October 23. Duggal has played the role of Sabita. Also starring in the series are Isha Shan Khattar, Randeep Huda, Binoy Pathak, Ram Kapoor, Vijay Verma, Ranveer Shorey and others.

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