After ‘Two States’, Sushant has another film with Arjun Kapoor, who has signed a film deal with a production house instead of SSR.

Amit Karna, MumbaiA month ago

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History is repeating itself again in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. There was talk of taking him to a movie, now that movie is about Arjun Kapoor. Earlier, when Sushant left ‘2 States’, he also got Arjun. The new film ‘Two Nicemen’ will be made under the banner of the production house. In March, the producers talked about Riya Chakraborty, who was talking about Sushant Singh Rajput’s gift.

Sources at Two Nisman Media Works said, “Sushant himself showed interest in the project. However, now that he is not in this world, the producers are preparing to make a film with Arjun Kapoor. But he also has to wait for Arjun. Arjun is currently at home due to Corona.

Riya said Sushant is rehabilitating.

Sources in the production company said, ‘The writing of the film is over. There was talk of casting. Sushant’s interest was also clear. Riya Chakraborty was speaking in her place. He informed that Sushant is taking a rehabilitation session. So he will finalize the project from its end. But before that it was locked and then news of Sushant’s death was received. To this day, we have not recovered from this shock.

The producers had no problem with Sushant’s rehabilitation

He added, “One of the biggest casting directors in the industry was speaking on behalf of the production house. Rhea informs them that Sushant is taking a rehabilitation session. As it is an issue of more celebrities, the makers did not have any problem with this. Yet they continue to work.

Sushant was supposed to be a journalist in a romantic-comedy film

The source further said, ‘It was a romantic-comedy film. Sushant will play the role of a reporter. Which came from a firebrand TV journalist in a small town in northern India. In March, Rhea spoke about the project about half a dozen times. At that time, she did not make any demands that she should be in the role of an actress. ‘Currently this project has a cold storage. But now preparations are underway to make it with Arjun Kapoor. They are waiting to be completely healed. ‘

Sushant had to join the team of success

The source added, “The web show ‘Pati Patni Or Woh’ was released on MX Player from Hum’s production. She will be partying her success on June 17th. Sushant Singh Rajput was also invited, but the sad news came on June 14.

Kamal Jain is talking to Varun for his photo

On the other hand, Kamal Jain was also a remake of a southern film about Sushant. Now he is going to do a picture with Varun Dhawan. Similarly, another production house wanted to take Sushant in his film ‘Rifleman’, but now its main Vikram Malhotra is with Varun Dhawan.


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