After the shooting of ‘Bharat’, Salman Khan met blind children, watch the special video

Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan i.e. Salman Khan has recently finished shooting for his upcoming film ‘Bharat’. Where Salman is now spending some leisure time in Mumbai after shooting this film. Vizion has released such a special video. Watch this special video of Salman Khan

In this video Salman Khan arrives at a school for blind children. In this video, Salman Khan is seen meeting children. After meeting Salman Khan, happiness appeared on the faces of these children.

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Let me tell you, Salman Khan’s company Being Human helps needy children every year. In addition, Salman Khan provides education and health facilities for the most backward classes. Recently, the teaser of Salman’s ‘Bharat’ movie was released. Where Salman Khan can be seen in this movie in different looks.


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