After talking to Surya Yadav of Deuria, Sonu Sood said, “Talk to your mother, your son is becoming an engineer.”

Deoria student Surya Yadav got huge support from Bollywood actor Sonu Sood

Deuria: At this time, student Surya Prakash Yadav is doing an online class from his home and giving Sonu Sood the same status as God. Let us say that his help so far in the study of Sun Revelation, his sister Aradhana Yadav sewed people’s clothes.

Deoria Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who extended a helping hand for just one tweet, is discussing the story of generosity from Mumbai to UP-Bihar. After sending migrants to their homes during the Corona period, Sonu Sud also stepped forward to help Varanasi sailors. Sonu Sood has now shown generosity in fulfilling the dream of a poor student of Deoria.

One of the students in Deoria wanted to fulfill his mother’s dream of becoming a computer engineer, but in the midst of this dream, he was on his way to poverty. Sonu Sood has taken the responsibility of bearing the entire cost of the student’s engineering studies.

Surya Prakash Yadav, a resident of Roxa village in Lar block of Deoria district, is aiming to become a computer engineer. The financial situation of the family was not so good that they could be admitted to an engineering college. In such a situation, on September 23, Surya Prakash Yadav tweeted to Sonu Sood. In it he writes that Sir is not my father. Ma is a hope worker in the village. Our financial situation is not good. The annual income of the family is 40 thousand is 7 percent in the tenth examination of my UP board and 76 76 percent in the twelfth class. I want to study

Sonu Sood immediately responded to a tweet

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