After making a statement about the #MeToo movement, Mukesh Khanna was badly caught, people said – ‘It’s not strong Kilvish …’

Mukesh Khanna.

In the viral video, Mukesh Khanna is seen objecting to women working outside the home and giving their views on men’s and women’s work. With which he has now come to the target of the troll.

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  • Latest version:November 1, 2020, 8:50 p.m.

Mumbai Mukesh Khanna, who is the name of a family of ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ and ‘Shaktiman’ based on Super Power, is in the news these days due to a controversial statement. A clip of an old interview with Mukesh Khanna is going viral, showing him giving his opinion on the Metu movement. In the viral video, Mukesh Khanna is seen objecting to the work of women who come out of the house and giving their views on the work of men and women.

Mukesh Khanna is now the target of trolls for this video. Through social media, people are expressing dissatisfaction with Mukesh Khanna’s thoughts towards women. Some users have trolled Mukesh Khanna on Twitter saying that ‘he is not strong, but Kilvish’.

In the video, Mukesh Khanna says- ‘People are different, women are different. A woman’s composition is different and a man’s is different. A woman’s job is to take care of the house, which I sometimes regret that the problem started from me-too when women also started working. Today, women talk to the man shoulder to shoulder.

‘People will talk about women live, but I tell you the problem starts here. The first member to travel was the house child. The mother does not get to sit with Ayar because the mother-in-law is also watching the son-in-law. It started after it started that I would do what men do. No, men, women. However, after the video went viral, Mukesh Khanna also shared the full video of his interview.


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