After Kangana, now Tapsi attacked Karan, he said

After Kangana Ranaut, now Tapsi Pannu has attacked Karna Johar. Tapasi has done a lot of films so far that were blockbusters as well as classics. However, he could not take part in Karan’s chat show ‘Coffee with Karan 6’. Recently, Tapsi has said something that is being discussed regularly.

Tapasi said that for Karan

In a new promo video for Karan Johar’s chat show recently, actor Bir Das revealed Tapsi Pannu’s name in a funny tune, apparently taking no time to respond to Tapsi, famous for his outspokenness, and saying, ‘Hahaha, funny. However, Tapasi is not suitable to reach here. I look forward to watching this episode. You are all very funny.

Revenge Magyaf

For your information, let us know as soon as Tapsi Pannu will be seen in the next picture of Shujit Sarkar with Amitabh Bachchan. Recently the trailer of this movie was released, which people liked very much. Shah Rukh Khan is also being reported in this film for a long time.


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