After her marriage to Ankita Lokhande, Sushant had a ‘rabata’ with Kriti Sanon, but both of them said about the relationship – ‘We are friends’.

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On June 14, some notes written in 2018 by Sushant Singh Rajput, who was found dead in a Mumbai-based apartment, came out. In these notes Sushant mentions many such things but one thing has caught everyone’s attention. In this note, Sushant talked about spending more time with Kriti Sanon.

Kriti and Sushant’s personal bond was not a secret from anyone. This is why after Sushant’s death, Kriti could not remember him publicly, through his post in the hint.

‘Rabta’ means both

The two worked together in 2017 Rabat. Alia Bhatt had earlier been contacted for the film, but the film fell into Kriti Sanon’s bag after learning of her denial. News of the closeness between Sushant and Kriti became common during the shooting of this film in 2016.

This was also the time when Sushant was on his way to break up with his girlfriend Ankita Lokhand. Finally, in 2001, Sushant and Ankita’s six-year-old live-in relationship broke down and Sushant started spending time with Kriti.

Rabta flopped at the box office but Kriti-Sushant’s personal bond continues to grow stronger. According to reports, Kriti also used to meet Sushant at his apartment. In 2017, Sushant had a party at her house on Kriti’s birthday.

The two were also seen hanging out with friends and family. He also went on holiday to Switzerland with two friends.

Sushant-Kriti during a trip to Switzerland.

Sushant-Kriti during a trip to Switzerland.

Sushant also went to visit Kritti’s parents at her home, after which the discussion on their relationship gained momentum. However, both have always denied this. He said the two have no relationship other than good friends.

They both said – ‘We are friends’.

According to the report, Sushant once said, ‘The flying news about me and Kriti is very interesting but baseless. We are both from Delhi, very big food. He was an engineer and I was also involved in engineering before coming to film, so we made it very well. Kriti Soshan also denied her relationship with Sushant in the media, writing, “Enough is enough, we respect each other a lot as co-stars, there is no truth to this baseless news.” Thank you. ‘


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