After hearing about entering the film, Dad points a gun at him, he succeeds in the film and is influenced by Osho to ruin his married life

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September 6 is the 744th birth anniversary of Vinod Khanna. He died in Mumbai on October 6, 1946 and was born in Pakistan.

Vinod Khanna’s life was no less than the story of a movie. Coming from a simple family, he was always in talks to end his married life by becoming a Bollywood actor and then being influenced by Osho.

First love in college
Binod Khanna’s family moved to Mumbai after the partition of India and Pakistan. His father was a textile trader. Vinod wanted to be an engineer in his college days after school in Mumbai and Delhi. Entertainment was a science student.

At the same time, his father wanted him to join the trade and home business at the end of his studies. Dad was also admitted to a commerce college, but refused to study entertainment.

According to Binod, he started working in theater in college life. He had many girlfriends there. He met Gitanjali here. Gitanjali was Binod’s first wife. His love story started in college.

When Dad pointed the gun
According to Vinod, he met Sunil Dutt during a party. He was looking for a new actor to play his brother in a movie. He played Vinod Khanna in that role. But when his father found out, he pointed a gun at Binod.

He said he would shoot if he went to the movies. However, Binod’s mother persuaded her father for her and gave him two years. Dad said if you haven’t done anything for two years, join the family business.

15 sign movies a week
The first picture of the entertainment was Mann Ka Mit, which received mixed reactions. After that, Vinod was contracted to about 15 films a week. Vinod and Gitanjali decided to get married after some success in the film. They have two sons Rahul Khanna and Akshay Khanna.

Osho is infected
There was a time when entertainment did not work to give time to the family. He was the second such actor after Shashi Kapoor, but was devastated by Osho and ruined his family life. Vinod often visited the Osho Ashram in Pune.

He even kept many of his shooting schedules in Pune. In December 1975, Vinod was shocked when he decided to retire from film. He can be called a ‘sexy saint’. Vinod immigrated to the United States and spent about 4 years with Osho. He had their garden there.

The relationship with Gitanjali has broken down
Binod’s family, who had been away from the family for 4-5 years, was completely shattered. When he returned to India, his wife decided to divorce him. After a family breakup, Vinod re-entered Bollywood in 1977 with the film Insaf.

Second marriage in 1990
Vinod started his film career again in 1990 and married Kavita. They both have a son and a daughter. Binod’s second son Sakshi is also preparing to appear in the film.

1999 1997 came into politics
After the actor became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 199, Binod also became a leader. Vinod Khanna, who is active in politics, also appeared in several films, but he was diagnosed with bladder cancer, which led to his death four years ago.


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