After employment, now supported by Sonu Sud Shiksha, has launched SholiFi app through which users can earn scholarships.

A month ago

Sunu Sud, who employs migrant workers, the unemployed and provides all kinds of assistance to the needy, is now securing the future of children. Sonu has launched her scholarship application Solif. He announced the launch of the application via Twitter. He said that users can win scholarships through this app. This application has more than 100 and verified scholarships worth millions.

Helping poor children in the name of motherhood

Just last week, Sonu announced a scholarship for poor children in the name of her mother Saroj. It was also ordered to enter within 10 days. Some conditions were also set for this. Sonu said those with an annual income of less than Rs 200,000 can apply for the scholarship. Only their academic record should be good. For this, Sonu has entered into agreements with universities across the country to start scholarships in the name of her mother Professor Saroj Sud.

Launched the Employment App in July

Earlier, Sonu launched the ‘Expatriate Roger App’ in the last week of July. It will provide the necessary information and the right link for the immigrants to find a job. Through this app, job opportunities have been announced in more than five hundred companies. Which began on 23 July. For this, 24-hour helplines as well as immigration support centers have been set up in cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad and Thiruvananthapuram.

A lot has been done since the lockdown

Since the lockdown, Sonu Sood has been mobilizing people across the country to help. Maharashtra police found Kovid safety kits, homes for flood victims, smart phones for online education, someone’s abdominal surgery and someone’s leg. These are just a few examples, Sonu has done a much better job.


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