After divorcing Hrithik Roshan, Sujan Khan said, “I take care of the children, I read.”

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan divorced his wife Sujan Khan in 2014. The couple has two children. But the couple did not allow their divorce to come to the fore in front of their children. For this reason, Sujan and Hrithik are often seen with each other. Where couples are having lunch with their kids and occasionally spotting together in the movies. Recently Suzanne has spoken openly about her divorce and relationship with Hrithik.

Suzanne Khan said, “My mother (Jarin) and my sisters (Farah Khan Ali and Simon Aurora) were very important in my life and they also helped me improve my career.” Susan continues. “My two children inspire me a lot” Balancing home and work is my priority. If there is a loss somewhere in this balance, you are lagging behind somewhere in your life.

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Susan said that if you want to say something about something, you should not stop yourself even though you are convinced of that idea.


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