Advocate Anurag Kashyap reacted to Payal Ghosh’s allegations by saying, “My clients are deeply saddened by the allegations of false and misguided intentions.”

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A month ago

An actress named Payal Ghosh has recently complained of sexual harassment against Anurag.

Lawyer Priyanka Khimani has issued a statement on behalf of Anurag Kashyap following allegations of sexual harassment against him. Describing all these allegations as false and maliciously motivated, it brings a deep resemblance to my client.

The filmmaker shared his lawyer’s statement on social media. Anurag wrote while sharing the statement, ‘This is the statement of my lawyer Priyanka Khimani … Thank you.

The movement is being used to kill the character

The statement said … ‘My client Anurag Kashyap has been deeply hurt by the recent false allegations of sexual abuse against him. These allegations are completely false, malicious and deceptive. Sadly, a social movement as important as the #Metu movement has been adopted by vested interests and confined to a tool of character assassination. ‘

Such allegations hollowed out the movement

‘Such fictitious allegations severely undermine the movement and inadvertently attempt to trade the real victims of sexual harassment and torture with pain and trauma. My client has the rights and remedies required by law and wishes to follow them to the maximum. ‘

Rupa Ganguly protested at the Parliament Complex

The issue of exploitation in Bollywood also reached Parliament on Monday. When BJP MP Rupa Ganguly sat in a dharna in the Parliament premises. They performed with banners and posters in hand. Rupa Ganguly has demanded action against the accused. Earlier, BJP MP Ravi Kishan had also raised the issue of exploitation of girls in Bollywood.

Protesting in the Parliament complex, Ganguly said that the Mumbai film industry continues to kill people, addict and humiliate women, but no one is doing anything. Mumbai police are silent on the whole matter. He has demanded action against the accused.

Payal Ghosh to the accused Anurag

An actress named Payal Ghosh has recently complained of sexual harassment against Anurag. According to Pawel, when he visited Anurag’s house on Yari Road in 2014-15, he tried to forge a relationship with him while he was making his film ‘Bombay Velvet’. However, the filmmaker made it clear on social media that all the allegations of the actress were baseless.

Anurag called the allegation baseless

Anurag tweeted late Saturday night, ‘What’s the matter, it took me so long to try to keep quiet. Come on, nobody. While silencing me, she lied so much that she pulled other women as well as a woman. Be humble, ma’am. Just say that all your allegations are baseless.


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