Actress Rani Chatterjee recalls her days of struggle, compared to Kangana Ranaut

New Delhi Famous Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee is an actress who does not need actors to hit her own film. All his pictures are hits. Rani’s fans love her very much. That is, whenever a picture is published, a long line is placed outside the ticket counter.

I got this place even after a lot of fighting
The queen did not have much success. They have fought a lot to get here. There was a time in Ronnie’s life when he was cast in a movie, later another actress was part of this movie. Rani revealed this in an interview.

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The actors did not give me any role in their films
Rani said, ‘I was able to come to Bhojpuri cinema because of the support of my family. But the actors in the film didn’t want to give me any role in the film, because I don’t like them as an actress. A lot of big banners came up, but I don’t work with them. You could also say that they didn’t cast me in the first days, but they say that time changes everyone, I change too. When I become something in this industry, I refuse to work with them.

I have my own stardom
Rani added, ‘How many times has it happened that I was told that you are in the film, but started shooting with another actress. I didn’t know either. This happened to me many times in the early days, but then came the time when the Bhojpuri star hero stopped making movies with me. I think so too and people also say what would two superstars look like in a movie? Because I have a stardom of my own.

Female oriented film in the beginning
He added, ‘Then I started to think what would I do if I didn’t take pictures with the actors? Then I decided to focus on the script and not on stardom. Started working on the script. I started making women-centric films.

Comparison of Kangana Ranaut
Rani is being compared to Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Kangana also does female oriented films. Rani made a similar picture in Bhojpuri. That’s why people compare.
Ronnie said about this, ‘Many people compare me to Kangana because in this industry I depend on women-centric films. For the past 10 years, my career has only been running on my own.

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