Actress Dedication: Injured Pooja Chopra on the set of ‘Jahan Char Year’, continue shooting even if injured

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11 hours ago

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‘Commando’ celebrity Pooja Chopra has been injured on the set of her upcoming film Jahan Char Yaar. Despite the injury, he did not stop shooting. Sources on the set of the film said that he was injured in the incident.

Pooja started shooting again

Sources said, “He had a quarrel with Swara Bhaskar during which Puja’s lip accidentally injured him. The wounds were deep, but Puja could not stop the shooting. She resumed shooting with a pen killer.” In fact in a situation where the shooting is in danger due to the corona environment, do not stop shooting from any other problem, it is being implemented. At the same time, the artists are taking care of this thing themselves. Pooja did the same and started shooting the film leaving his wounds out.

The film is being produced by Binod Bachchan

Pooja went to Goa on April 2 to shoot the film. Now, with 20 to 22 days left, a schedule of films has already been completed in Lucknow. If he had stopped shooting in such a situation, the whole setup of the film would have been shattered. So for now he has given up taking care of his injury. It is a Netflix movie produced by Vinod Bachchan and directed by Kamal Pandey.

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