Actress Anushka Sharma, wife of Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan, says Rashid, who is ten years younger than her, is still a virgin.

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  • Rashid Khan’s wife’s name Google search show Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan is Anushka Sharma Here’s what you need to know about her

9 days ago

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Actress Anushka Sharma’s name comes up after Google searches for the wife of Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan. Rashid Khan, 22, is still unmarried. Yet Google is asking the 10-year-old Bollywood actress to be his wife.

This is why Anushka Sharma’s name is coming

In fact, in 2018, Preity Zinta asked Rashid Khan about her favorite actress during an Instagram session. In response, Rashid took Anushka Sharma’s name. From here Google made a connection and informed Anushka to his wife.

Internet users have created memes

After Google described Anushka as Rashid Khan’s wife, internet users created a variety of mimes. Some mimes at a glance …


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