Actress Aarti Agarwal died at a young age after surgery before Mishi Mukherjee and the stars died.

16 days ago

Hindi and Southern film actress Mishi Mukherjee died of kidney failure. He was on the Keto diet for a long time to lose weight. After Mishi’s death, the father said that the girl had become very weak and thin at the last moment.

However, Mishti is not the first actress to risk her life and lose her life due to obesity.

Aarti Agarwal

Telugu film actress Aarti Agarwal died in June 2015 in New Jersey. Aarti was suffering from obesity as well as lung disease. He underwent liposuction surgery a month before his death to overcome obesity. This surgery removes excess fat from her body. Although a doctor in Hyderabad advised him not to have the operation, he did not listen to the doctor.

He had difficulty breathing since the surgery. He was admitted to a New Jersey hospital for treatment, where he underwent another operation. But he died suddenly. After Aarti’s death, her director told the news agency that she was suffering from obesity and lung disease, which is also being treated. During this time he suffered a heart attack and could not be saved. He was only 31 years old.

Rakesh Diwana

Diwana underwent bariatric surgery in April 2014. He later died. Rakesh Mahadev has acted in TV serials like Ramayana and films like Rowdy Rathore, Double Dhamal. When the operation was performed at the age of 48, he underwent surgery after success but died four days later due to high blood pressure.


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