Actors used to give medicine to Shovik, Samuel and Deepesh, they started eating less food after Disha Salian died, they were also angry.

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19 days ago

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Neeraj Singh (left) Sushant Singh was cooking at Rajput’s house. He was appointed for eight months before Sushant’s death.

  • Neeraj said in an interview that there was no party at Sushant’s house on the night of June 13
  • Neeraj said that Sushant spoke normally, not too much frustration.

His cook Neeraj has made a shocking revelation in the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. According to reports, Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda, housekeeper Dipesh Sawant and Riya Chakraborty’s brother Shovik used to give him drugs, especially marijuana. However, Neeraj denied any party at his Bandra house on the night before Sushant’s death.

After Disha’s death, Sushant started eating less: Neeraj

In a conversation with Times Now, Neeraj said that Sushant started eating less after the death of his manager Disha Salian. He said, “But they were good. Normally talking and not disappointed. We didn’t hear or see any directions. Sir, some people got upset and started eating less. Involved.”

Riya was not controlling Sushant’s staff

Neeraj also denied allegations that Suraj’s girlfriend Riya Chakraborty was controlling his finances and house staff. Since Sushant’s death, there have been regular discussions that Riya had removed many of the actor’s staff members and hired members of her choice.

Neeraj said, “There was not much pressure on us. Sir and mam were both equal to us. If we made a mistake, he (Riya) shouted at us, but did not create any kind of pressure. They told us to follow mam’s instructions. “

Neeraj spoke on June 14

Recalling the events of June 14, Neeraj said, ‘I gave water to Sushant Sir in the morning, and Ross gave Keshab. I met Sushant Sir around 8 in the morning. Sir then entered the house and did not come out. “

Riya-Sushant’s meeting on June 13 was denied

Neeraj said in the conversation that there was no party, no one came to Sushant’s house on the evening of June 13 or left the house. Riao never came to his house after June eight. Neeraj also rejected the CBI’s demand to give him an official witness. There is a section of the media that Niraj had been missing for several days. In this regard, he said that he is at his home in Delhi and is supporting the investigating agencies.

Riya Chakraborty hired Neeraj

Neeraj Singh was working at Sushant’s house eight months before his death. He was hired by Riya Chakraborty. Bihar and Mumbai police have questioned Neeraj.


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