Actor Vijay Raj broke the silence over allegations of indecency by female crew members, saying – Am I not a victim?

Vijay Raj (Photo Credit – ANI / Twitter)

Actor Vijay Riaz has broken the silence by accusing a female crew member of indecent exposure. While clarifying the matter, he described himself as a victim and also asked questions.

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  • Latest version:November 13, 2020, 8:49 am IST

Mumbai In the past, there was a shocking news about famous Bollywood actor Vijay Raj. He was charged with indecent exposure to a female member of the crew, which was followed by news of his arrest. The incident is said to have taken place during the shooting of a film. The shooting of this film is going on in Balagat. In this case, the actor has broken the silence after a long time. In addition to clarifying the matter, he described himself as a victim. Vijay Raj further said that he also apologized to the female crew member.

Actor Vijay Raj While responding to the allegations leveled against him, the issue of indecency was completely miswritten. In a conversation with the Bombay Times, he said he apologized to the woman, not saying he was wrong, because he respected the woman’s feelings. He said the incident had done a lot of damage to his image. Vijay Raj was arrested but was released on bail the same month and returned to work.

“Women’s safety is paramount,” she said in the interview. I have a 21 year old daughter, so I understand the seriousness of the matter. I will fully cooperate in the investigation of this matter. But to exclude me, to suspend and discontinue my services from my upcoming movies, this too before any investigation … it’s quick. I have no words to say. This is a very dangerous place. I have been working in the film industry for 23 years.

He said- ‘People listen to one side judge, you are humiliated. I was charged before the investigation. My right to life has been severely damaged. Am I in trouble? My old father lives in Delhi. They also have to face the society, my daughter too ‘.


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