Actor Sudhanshu Pandey talks about serial ‘Anupama’ – Three and a half months of sitting at home has changed a lot, previous privacy issues were much liked

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  • Sudhanshu Pandey, the actor of the serial ‘Anupama’, says that sitting at home for three and a half months has changed a lot, before that privacy was much preferred.

Kiran Jain, Mumbai24 days ago

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The Corona epidemic has also changed the way television programs are shot. Before Kovid, actors who used to sit and eat together on breaks from shooting are now following social distances on sets with the corona virus in mind. However, the actors of the serial ‘Anupama’ have broken it.

During a conversation with Daily Bhaskar, actor Sudhanshu Pandey, who played the lead role of Vanraj Shah in the show, told how Kavid 19 brought him very close to his team.

I’m one of those actors who likes privacy: Sudhanshu Pandey

He explains, ‘I’m one of those actors who likes privacy. Even on set I became one of those people who didn’t need to when their vanity van was out. I have always eaten my food alone and have always been so. But things have changed with COVID and the house has been locked for three and a half months. ‘

He added, ‘I’ve always seen Rupali and everyone sitting together and eating. That’s why I also sat with him once or twice and I felt very good. Chatting with the rest of the cast and laughing together and sharing input felt a great change. It’s a huge experience. It has become a habit that I can no longer sit and eat alone. ‘

Sudhanshu added, ‘Social distance has changed a lot for us. We are not shooting like before. We are cleaning our bodies, our clothes. But we don’t shake hands or hug anyone. Technicians wear masks all day and the actor only shuts them off when giving shots. It’s normal now and it’s not that it’s not affecting my life.

The actor of the series is 'Anupama'.

The actor of the series is ‘Anupama’.

We do not compromise on our bonds: Ashish Malhotra

Actor Ashish Mehrotra said, ‘I remember before the lockdown we all used to sit and eat together. Now we also believe that when we sit down and eat together, we can share our thoughts better. Since it’s a family event, it really helps everyone. ‘

‘At the end of the lockdown we exercise caution. We eat the food we get from our homes. We sanitize our hands. We share our food before we eat. Anyone who wants to eat, we share it in such a way that they can take it. ” Once we start eating, we don’t share. We do not compromise on our bonds. There is enough distance between all of us. This is the best time, because these 40 minutes, we talk, we calm down and think a lot with each other. ‘


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