Actor Shahir Sheikh got engaged to his girlfriend Ruchika Kapoor, the diamond ring seen in the picture

Shahir Sheikh (Photo Credit – @ ShahirShikh / Instagram)

Shahir Sheikh has engaged his girlfriend (Ruchika Kapoor) to his girlfriend. He also shared a romantic picture with Ruchika. This photo also shows a great diamond ring.

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  • Latest version:November 24, 2020, 8:04 am IST

Mumbai Surprising news is coming about the famous small screen actor Shahir Sheikh. After a long relationship, he got engaged to his girlfriend Ruchika Kapoor. At the same time, she celebrates this special occasion of their relationship with a romantic photo. At the same time, with this film, he has publicly announced not only his relationship, but also his engagement. At the same time, in the photo shared by Shahir on social media, a bright diamond ring can be seen on his girlfriend’s finger.

In fact, recently Shahir He shared a picture of his girlfriend Ruchika Kapoor on his Instagram account. In this film, Ruchika is seen smiling in public. At the same time, Shahir is seen holding the hand of his girlfriend in this film. In this photo, most of the focus is on the taste buds, so that the ring can be seen. The diamond ring on Ruchika’s hand looks more beautiful. See the picture shared by Shahi here

Shahir shared this picture and wrote – I have been very excited all my life … Shahir used the hashtag #TuhasadiRav with this caption. He also gave a unique hashtag – #kigigai … it’s a Japanese word, the meaning of the word … the reason to get up in the morning.


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