Aamir Khan’s OTT debut: Aamir’s production company will make science fiction webseries, Aamir will not act himself, went to Varun-Ranbir

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3 minutes ago

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Big names are moving hard on digital platforms. Shah Rukh Khan’s banner for Netflix is ​​constantly being web show, now Aamir Khan is also stepping in this direction. Sources close to his production company said that Aamir Khan is planning a science fiction with his banner plan. There is a lot of secrecy in this regard. But his staff has confirmed it. Nowadays his screenplay is going on. He will be on the floor from February.

Varun went to Ranbir

Kapil Sharma will manage the project. He is from a background in the advertising industry. People associated with Aamir Khan Productions said, ‘Aamir is using a new story in this. Although the film is a thriller, the story will use science-related experiments and techniques. Aamir is planning this with one of the big stars of the industry. Varun Dhawan and Ranbir Kapoor’s names are in full swing. There is also a possibility that Ayushman and Rajkumar Rao can go to either one.

Aamir’s production could prepare this project for Disney Plus Hotstar. Amir has a good relationship with Uday Shankar. At the initiative of Uday Shankar and under his direction, Aamir Khan added a star in ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Aamir also visited Bihar at the start of the first season.

Don’t do your own thing

There are good reasons why Aamir should not act in this project. According to his relatives, he is currently busy producing ‘Lal Singh Chada’. The war sequence of the film is being shot in Turkey. It’s not happening there. Shooting delayed in Ladakh and Kashmir. In such a situation, Amir is looking for an alternative position. So their busyness is going on in it. They will start ‘Mogul’ right after ‘Lal Singh Chada’. That project of T-Series and Subhash Kapoor has been delayed for several reasons. The makers don’t want to delay it anymore.


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