Aamir Khan’s niece Biwai says it is his future plan

New Delhi: Imran Khan, who started acting with ‘Jaane Tui Ya Jaan Na Na’, has decided to quit acting. Imran is the nephew of Aamir Khan. I liked Imran’s work in films like ‘Daily Bailey’. Imran was away from the big screen for a long time.

Emran’s close friend and actor Akshay Oberoi shared this information in a media house. He said that Imran has decided not to act. He said, ‘My best friend Imran Khan is no longer an actor. He left acting. He is my best friend. I can also get their call at four in the morning. We have known each other for 18 years.

Asked if Imran would quit acting, Akshay said that Imran will now be able to quit acting and direct a film. They said that Imran has a good idea about the film. He will be able to work as a film director in the coming days. At the moment, Imran Khan is far from shocked.

Akshay said during the conversation that flop pictures are a part of everyone’s career. Imran also acted in many films. Many pictures were huge hits and some flops. It cannot be considered a failure in anyone’s life. Let me tell you, Imran last met Kangana Ranaut in Katti Batti. Apart from this, Imran has acted in films like Jaan Tu Jaan Na, Kidnap, Luck, I Hate Love Story.

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