Aamir Khan says ‘you will miss’ Bollywood gambler Vanu Athaiya’s death

Vanu Athaiya, India’s first Oscar winner and costume designer. (File image)

Many artists including Aamir Khan, Renuka Shahana and Simi Garwal have mourned the death of Vanu Athaiya.

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Mumbai: Many Bollywood artists have mourned the death of India’s first Oscar-winning costume designer Vanu Athaiya (India’s first Oscar winner Vanu Athaiya). Athaiya, who was ill for a long time, died at his Mumbai residence on Thursday at the age of 91. Many artists including Aamir Khan, Renuka Shahana and Simi Garwal have mourned his death. In 1963, Atheia won an Oscar for her role in Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi.

Radhika Gupta, daughter of Vanu Athaiya, said her mother had a brain tumor six years ago and paralysis three years ago. One of his special friends, Simi Grewal, said that Athaiya was suffering from memory loss and had no memory other than ‘Gandhi’. He said Athaiya has left a legacy behind him.

Aamir Khan worked with Atayar in the film ‘Lagan’ in 2001. On Thursday, he tweeted, ‘Vanuji is one of the few people in the film world who has realized the director’s imagination by combining beautiful research and cinematic trends. Vanuji will miss you. ‘

Renuka Shahane called Athaiya a ‘bright and dedicated costume designer’. At the same time, producer Bonnie Kapoor said that the country is proud of Athaiya’s achievement.

Oscar-winning sound designer Russell Pokutty called Athiya a ‘guide’. “When no one heard of the Oscars, you won it for us,” he tweeted. You are the inspiration, to me it is a personal loss to say that Athaiya was born in Kolahapur. She started her career as a costume designer in Hindi cinema in 1956 with Guru Dutt’s film ‘CID’.


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