Aamir Khan hired women’s cab service for 45 days during the shooting of ‘Lal Singh Cha Dha’

Amit Karna, Mumbai16 days ago

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Aamir Khan is currently in Delhi for the shooting of his upcoming film Lal Singh Chadhar. Where she has taken a special initiative to hire a cab service run by women. The aim is to help these women victims of domestic violence.

People on the set said Amir rented a cab service run by women for 45 days. In which the people involved in the production will be taken to the set from the hotel.

Women victims of domestic violence

The cab service that Aamir has hired is called ‘Sakha’. Which is managed by women victims of domestic violence. Aamir was first introduced to the cab service during the shooting of his television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Amir has been helping them ever since. Especially during his stay in Delhi, Aamir has often taken the service of this cab. It’s been 10 years since he did this.

All arrangements have been made to protect Corona

The cab service of these women has also suffered a lot due to Kovid. In such a scenario, Aamir has hired this service during the shooting of Delhi schedule for full 45 days. At this point, corona prevention will also follow the ‘bio bubble’ rule.

Bellbottom has followed all the rules of shooting

Earlier, during the shooting of Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Bellbottom’, the ‘Bio Bubble’ rule was also followed. So that the film can be shot with full security. Also, future photos that will be shot will be followed.

How is shooting according to the ‘bio bubble’ rule?

In this process individual units are formed. The whole unit is assembled. The beans travel by flight, but after landing, they travel from the plane and airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the set with the scheduled car and driver. It is not allowed outside. Shopping is also prohibited. After doing all this, the same pattern returns to the same flight.

No contact with the outside world

Hotel artists are not allowed to share buffets together. Packed food comes directly to their home or vanity. A unit of cast and crew is formed, from which no outsider can meet or they cannot meet outsiders. This is how shoots with safety are effected.


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